Posted by: dvolpe | September 22, 2009

Lions 0-2

Another painful loss. Come on Lions, give me something to believe in!

Another painful loss. Come on Lions, give me something to believe in!

The Lions went down again. I’m afraid that’s to be expected. Sorry Lions fans, but with a brand new team that is probably still gelling and a rookie quarterback, they are in for a bumpy ride the 1st half of the season. Speaking of halves, the Lions played a good game for the 1st half of the game and then it just looked like the wheels fell off. That concerns me. I don’t mind the losing so much, as long as I feel that they are giving their all. It’s hard to believe that the Lions gave their all in the 2nd half.  Other things that concerned me are the 5 receptions Calvin Johnson had. That does not seem near enough. It looked like the Lions were trying to protect Stafford by running the ball more than they passed, but I don’t believe in that philosophy. The Lions are not like the Ravens of last season. They can’t have a quarterback simply manage a game and win. They need him to throw to their best weapon Calvin Johnson, early and often. And if he can’t do that, then he should sit, get some seasoning and lets the Lions try to put a game in the win column.

That being said, as dismal as the score is the Vikings did worse to their previous opponent. And holding Adrian Peterson to less than 100 yards is nothing to sneeze at. He finished with 92. Which is good for some backs but this is a guy who has been known to drop 200 on an unsuspecting team, so I really can’t fault the run defense.

Up next on the schedule are the 1-1 Redskins (change the filthy racist name already NFL) who  edged out the lowly Rams this week 9-7 in a defensive battle. This will be the Lions’ best shot at a win until week 8 when they have the a fore mentioned Rams, so let’s hope they get it done and put this losing streak talk to rest.

Quick Bits:

Keeping up with the Jones’: The Giants not only kept up with Jerry Jones’ Cowboys this Sunday, they passed them up, dropping a big fat “L” on the owner’s brand new 1.5 billion dollar stadium to boot.

Jet set: I chided the New York football Jets in my last post about poking the sleeping bear that is New England Patriots. But I always like to give credit where credit is due. They poked the bear and when it came after them they gave it a good old fashioned butt whippin’. Hey, if you can walk the walk then you’ve earned the right to talk the talk.

Changing of the guard? Is the NFL power structure in the midst of a shift? Pittsburgh and New England both fell to the upstart Bears and Jets, respectively, and as of this writing the Miami Dolphins are within a touchdown of defeating the Colts late in the 4th quarter. It seems like this may be the year that teams like the Colts and Pats lose their air of invincibility and a group of young, hungry new champions rise up to take their place.



  1. This blog rules!! Even if I am not really a Michigan sports fan AT ALL!

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