Posted by: dvolpe | March 8, 2010

Lakers, Magic, Matt Barnes, and Ron Artest’s Hair.

Magic Lakers last night was a great game. It had everything you wanted. Two playoff contenders matching shots, getting chippy and going down to the wire, plus theater, to wit: the comedy of Ron Artest’s hair.

Finals Rematch? With the Celtics faltering down the stretch, leaving the way open for the Magic, and the Lakers perhaps a bit complacent, but still the obvious class of the West, we may very well have a finals rematch. So right from the start the tension was there. The Magic had a lot to prove after a 4-1 series loss to LA that was closer than that score would indicate, considering that 2 of LA’s wins were in overtime.

Scrappy: Let’s face it, when a game gets chippy, it ratchets up the dramatic tension for fans. The players showed that this was more than just a regular season game, with Pau Gasol, and Dwight Howard getting tangled up on several occasions and Gasol being whistled for a frustration foul that was called a flagrant 1. Matt Barnes showed, what he was perhaps brought to Orlando to do, getting into Kobe’s face, and trying to get under his skin, even faking a pass at Kobe’s grill on an inbound pass. For the record, Kobe did not flinch. Barnes can’t have any of Orlando’s ill will towards LA, having not been a member of the team last season, but it seems that he brought more than enough with him from Phoenix. He was in Kobe’s jersey the whole game. Kobe, generally stood his ground and stared Barnes down while raising his arms to show the referees that he had no intention of getting into a fight. Ron Artest was surprisingly absent from the confrontations. Perhaps he was instructed by Phil or Kobe, not to get into it.

Down to the Wire: The Lakers had a chance to win it all with one shot. Kobe instead opted for a 2 pointer that would have tied the game, which he missed. But the important thing from the impartial fan’s point of view is that the game came right down the wire as all the best game’s do. For Orlando it was proof that they can win a close one. If they do face the Lakers in the finals, here’s hoping the contests, and the series are as hotly contested and evenly matched as this game.

If you lose the game, the haircut's lame.

Ridiculous Ron: Alright for anyone out there wondering what was the deal with Ron Artest’s hair, it wasn’t a paid advertisement for foreign products, or an homage to Dennis Rodman (although it looked like one) it was defense, written in Hindi, Hebrew and Japanese in the Lakers team colors, the purple and gold. Why those three languages? I don’t know. But maybe Ron Artest should have written offense in at least one of the languages, because Ronny shot 2-10 from the field with a couple of turnovers. So he didn’t play well and the team lost, time for a new lid Artest. Maybe you should try “Victory” in Cantonese next time…


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