Posted by: dvolpe | March 6, 2010

NFL Free Agency: The Detroit Lions

I’m actually pretty happy with the what the Lions have done in free agency. Nate Burleson will be a nice addition at wide receiver and hopefully take advantage of the single coverage he’s all but guaranteed with Calvin Johnson on the other side,  and Kyle Vanden Bosch (though he’s 3 seasons removed from his 12 sack 60 tackle form of 2007). Now if someone can just convince the hapless Rams to pull a Portland Trailblazers and go for Sam Bradford and his busted wing, the Lions can add Ndamakong Suh which just might open things up for a Vanden Bosch renaissance. Sure it would have been nice to nab an a-lister like Peppers or Marshall, but Marshall has too many personal problems for my taste, especially when the Lions already have a premier wide receiver on the roster and Peppers, though he would probably have been a good move, would have been a risky one because of the price tag. He’s 30 years old, so you really don’t know whether or not his best years are behind him. For the kind of money the Bears will spend (reportedly in the 85 mil area) you really want a surefire thing. Besides the Lions are not ready to be great right now anyway, so by the time the Stafford matures, Peppers would likely be well past his prime. So I have to give the lions a B-/C+ considering  what was available out there.

Quick Bits:

What no love for the Slanket? The Cavs and the Pistons are going to tip it off tonight. Snuggies for everyone! Thousands will be handed out. Finally fans don’t have to worry about spilling their nachos or their beer. Just thought you should know.


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