Posted by: dvolpe | January 14, 2010

NBA Rookies, Beware of The Blazers and Clippers…

With the recent news that Clippers rookie Blake Griffin is out for the season, and the Portland Trailblazers young center Greg Oden is out for the season again, it is time to issue a warning to upcoming NBA rookies. If either of these franchises attempt to draft you it’s time to consult the book of Eli. No I’m not talking about the new Denzel Washington movie, or any scripture. I’m talking about the draft day playbook of Eli Manning who refused to become a part of the Chargers organization, because he didn’t care for the way it was run.  I’m not sure, based on the way the Chargers have been playing lately, if that was warranted, but in the cases of the Clippers and the Blazers it’s the way to go. Both teams have a history of destroying promising NBA careers. If you don’t believe me ask Sam Bowie and Bill Walton if its possible to stay healthy in Portland. There must be osteoporosis in the water at the Blazers facility because it seems like no big man has ever been able to stay healthy there. Unless you count Kevin Duckworth… and you don’t, trust me on this one.  And if you have your doubts about the Clippers well, the truth about them is that being drafted by them is no guarantee you won’t be successful, it just won’t happen as long as you’re wearing a Clippers uniform.  Don’t believe me? Just ask  Lamar Odom, Danny Manning, Antonio McDyess, Tom Chambers, Quentin Richardson, the Professor and Mary Anne, and everyone else who either never got their careers going as a Clipper, or never got them going at all. You could say that the Clippers have had a run of bad luck in the draft, but that wouldn’t be fair to bad luck. You need to be bad, and unlucky, and maybe cursed to have a string of picks as long as the Clips have without ever finding that superstar you’ve been looking for.  So NBA rookies run like hell if you see either of these two franchises coming your way.

Quick Bits:

Is it Changing of the Guard Time in the NFL? Wild card weekend makes me think perhaps it is. All of the wild card matchups were young vs. old. But of all the old-timers only Kurt Warner prevailed. Romo’s Cowboys were able to defeat McNabb’s Eagles for the 2nd time in about a week. Sanchez’s Jets took down Carson Palmer’s Bengals. Flacco unseated Brady. Only Warner was able to defeat the much younger Aaron Rodgers. It looks like a sign of things to come, and though the NFL’s young guns will probably have a much tougher time of making past the likes of Peyton Manning and Brett Favre in the coming week, we are getting a good look at the league’s future, and a snapshot of tomorrow’s stars today, at the quarterback position.

The steroid rule: Today I would like to forgo my usual statement in favor of a question. Mark McGuire’s recent admissions have had steroids all over the news again, and Jay Leno is on record as saying (no doubt tongue in cheek) that each team should be allowed one Steroid freak on their roster. I can’t really say I’m in favor of that but in light of McGwire’s statements that he was trying to recover from injury more than enhance his performance, I’m wondering what people out there would think if sports allowed steroids, but only for recovery. That is to say, players would not be tested for drugs when a third party doctor (not a team doctor) had diagnosed them with an injury serious enough to take them out of the game for a sizeable amount of time. Most sports fans would agree that steroids are bad for the game, but most sports fans would also agree that the game would be better with fewer injuries that lasted for a shorter time. So what say you sports fans? If pro sports could allow steroids but only for recovery from serious injury, would you be for that, or against it?



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