Posted by: dvolpe | September 10, 2009

NFL 2009 Season Predictions: NFC Regular Season Division Champions

Look for the Eagles to overtake the Giants in the NFC East this year.

Look for the Eagles to overtake the Giants in the NFC East this year.

Alright, if you read yesterday’s blog, you know the drill: Division winners, I pick ’em. Let’s go!

NFC East: This is a tough division. I think the Eagles rise to the top of the heap. Vick will be little more than an X-factor, but I expect the Giants to fall off a little this year, and the Cowboys to go 9-9 another season with flashes off brilliance, but just as many equally dismal games.

NFC North: The Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre bid pays off as they win the division again this year. But don’t be surprised if Tarvaris Jackson contributes more than expected. I have it on a very good authority (the horse’s mouth) that Brett may not have 16 games in him anymore. The last time I checked, the NFL’s regular season is still 16 games long. Green Bay and Chicago improve with Aaron Rogers’ maturation in Green Bay and the addition of Jay Cutler in Chicago, but I don’t think it will be enough to overtake the Vikings stellar defense, incredible running game and whatever the old warhorse Brett Favre can bring to the table. Meanwhile the Lions will try to win a game.

NFC South: Look for the Atlanta Falcons to take a step forward this year under second year quarterback and one of last year’s two rookie sensations, Matt Ryan. The improvement will be enough for them to take the division away from the Carolina Panthers, who hardly ever have two good seasons in a row.

NFC West: Will the Arizona Cardinal suffer the fate of previous Superbowl losers and not make the playoffs the following year? I actually think they will be one of the exceptions to that rule, but as a wild card. Besides this is my last chance to pick and NFC upset, so why not go with the San Francisco 49ers to steal the division from the Cards? Still, the 9’ers probably will not go as deep into the playoffs as the Cardinals, in spite of their superior record.

Tune in tomorrow for my super bowl picks and get ready to kick off the NFL season right.

Quick Bits:

US Open security lax: A fan (23-year old Noam Aorta) ran out and hugged and kissed a shirtless Rafael Nadal after Tuesday’s match where Nadal Defeated Gael Monfils. Since Tennis has already had one crazed fan related tragedy in it’s history, they really need to do a better job of preventing this kind of thing as it’s becoming rather common these days (happening in 2 of 4 majors this year, the other involving a Roger Federer match). Nadal took the whole thing in stride and seemed to think it was funny, but apparently security didn’t as they are pressing charges against the young man who now faces up to a year in jail and $5,000 in fines.

R U TUF enough? I’m actually psyched for the upcoming season of UFC’s the Ultimate Fighter, featuring coaches Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and “Sugar” Rashad Evans as the team’s coaches, along with internet sensation Kimbo Slice as a contestant.

Here’s the promo: Caution: This promo contains sanctioned violence and elevated testosterone levels, watching this promo may lead to increased heart-rate, shortness of breath and the desire to go outside and punch something.

The Answer a “grizzled” veteran: Looks like Allen Iverson is going to be a Memphis Grizzly. Good luck with that Memphis. Iverson is rumored to have said that he is willing to come off the bench. I find it hard to believe that he said that, and even harder to believe if he did say that, that he meant it. Detroit fans will remember his parting words, “I’ll retire before I do this again.” in reference to coming off the bench for the Pistons.  Hopefully AI will get the Memphis’ ticket sales up, because I can’t envision a scenario in which he will actually help the team win.


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