Posted by: dvolpe | August 29, 2009

Is There an (ahem) Schism Forming Between the Philadelphi Eagles?

Is there a storm a brewing, or will everything stay copacetic?

Is there a storm a brewing, or will everything stay copacetic?


Donovan McNabb did not look like a happy man after the Eagles 3rd preseason game, and I for one don’t blame him. When he decided to help his friend Michael Vick out and lobby for the beleaguered one-time star to join the Eagles, this was not what he had in mind. The Philadelphia Eagles looked more like the Keystone Cops than a professional footbal team during their 3rd preseason game as they shuffled quarterbacks in and out, shifted McNabb out to wide receiver (where he looked slow and ridiculous) and just generally made a mess of their offense by not allowing McNabb or Vick to get into any kind of rhythm. At one point McNabb even appeared to go over the coaches heads a by temporarily pulling the plug on the Michael Vick experiment. But again I don’t blame him. It was clear that Vick was not being used in a way that was making the team better. McNabb appeared to do the right thing by going to Vick first, and then to the coaches, but you still can’t help but wonder, is it time to put the Eagles on Schism watch? 

The Vikings are on that list, the media constantly digging for any sign of discontent or animosity. And now it looks like the Eagles are about to be added to it. Remember the scrutiny of days gone by? When every sideline exchange between Terrel Owens and Donovan McNabb was sifted through with the careful attention to detail of a paparazzi working his way through Britney Spears garbage? If McNabb and Vick have just one more incident like this, those days will be back again in full force. If McNabb should get injured and Vick takes over the quarterback spot it will be even worse, a full blown quarterback controversey. The Eagles wanted an edge, and they may well have gotten that. They wanted something to renew and revitalize the team and they may even have gotten that, but they’ve also bought themselves another season in the white hot light of media scrutiny. I hope they’ve got their house in order because once the media locks in like this any problems within the organization, are bound to come out. 

Quick Bits: 

The spoiled child act continues: Brandon Marshall has been suspended after generally behaving like a spoiled brat during a Broncos practice. I guess in a league where owners have almost all of the leverage, all a disgruntled wideout can fall back on is his innate petulance. 

The big screen stays: The questions have finally been answered over the cowboys new mega-ultra-platinum jumbotron that blocked a punt by Tennessee Titan punter A.J. Trapasso. It stays. There will be a few addendums to the rule book regarding it and the whole thing will be revisited next season. Which means we get to watch a season full of do-overs, andof  the Cowboys being accused of having an unfair advantage because the punters can’t arc the ball they way they want to. A little preplanning next time if you please Mr. Jerry Jones? 

Brady’s shoulder a question mark: Tom Brady hit the turf hard during Friday’s preseason game. Oh and by the way, there was 350 lb man on top of him when it happened. The shoulder of his throwing arm is now in question as is his decision to shake the rust off by getting in some extra time during the preseason. Brady seems to be okay (he claims the hit didn’t hurt him) but I’m guessing the Patriots will keep him out of their final preseason game against the Giants just to be on the safe side.


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