Posted by: dvolpe | July 27, 2009

Where Will Michael Vick End Up?

With Vick free to sign with NFL teams aroudn the league the obvious next question is: Who will sign him?

So, by now you’ve probably heard the news. Michael Vick has been reinstated on a conditional basis. I won’t bore you with the details but the gist of it is that Vick can now sign with a team and would be able to play in the final 2 preseason games and in the regular season  as soon as week 6, provided he doesn’t screw up. So let’s assume everything goes according to plan. Then, the next question is what team will sign him? And the short answer is… I don’t know. But its fun to speculate. So here’s a list of the teams I think may sign Michael Vick for the 2009 season.

New England Patriots: The New England Patriots have been known to take a chance on players who have not had the greatest reputation around the league. They took a chance on Randy Moss a couple seasons ago so why not Vick this year? The Patriots are known for their trick plays and cunning decoys. A guy like Vick could make some of those plays very interesting… And remember the Patriots lost backup QB Matt Cassel to Kansas City Chiefs this offseason so there is a vacancy there.

Oakland Raiders: The Oakland Raiders are known as a team that takes chances on guys all the time. You can never guess what the excentric owner in the grandma glasses, Al Davis, will do next. Of all the teams in the league the Raiders might be the most likely to pick Vick up.

Dallas Cowboys: This one is actually a pretty big longshot. In the past they have taken chances on guys like Pacman Jones and Terrell Owens, but they seem to be making a move to clean up the team’s image and try to be more about winning and less about starpower this year. So I wouldn’t look for any moves from America’s team to snare Michael Vick. However, Jerry Jones has proven in the past that he can be seduced by talent, so only time will tell.

Miami Dolphins: They like to play around with the Wildcat offense, where you snap the ball to the running back and the QB lines up out wide. Assuming the running back can get it to him, Vick could be a pretty dangerous wide receiver in trick play situations, or he could fall back behind the running back for the lateral pass and throw the deep ball. All that stuff is fun once in a while but not really the kind of thing that’s going to win you many games. Still I think the Dolphins Wildcat offense would be better with Vick than it is without him.

So those are my top picks to sign Michael Vick, but the NFL is a crazy place, and sometimes the last team you expect to take a chance on a player is the one that actually does it. All this for a guy who can’t even play until week 6,  in a sport that hasn’t even begun preseason play yet. Yeesh.

Quick Bits:

Twinkle Twinkly baby:
Apparently Stephon “Starbury” Marbury has hooked up some kind of webcam so that his fans could watch him for 24 straight hours. There must have been a moment about 2 or 3 hours in when he realized what a terrible idea that was, but felt compelled to go on with it. There must have been a moment when he realized that even the life of a former NBA star’s life is pretty boring if you have to watch every minute of it. I mean seriously, who would want this? I turn the channel when he’s playing a game, let alone chillin’ at the mansion, on his webcam.

Pete Rose Has Steroids to Thank: There’s been talks now of lifting the lifetime ban on Pete Rose from professional baseball, not to manage, but for Hall of Fame and jersey retiring purposes, and things of that nature. And I was wondering if such a thing happens, does Rose have steroids to thank? I mean, doesn’t Bonds and Sosa and McGuire and Palmero and Rodriguez and Ramirez, and the managers and the owners and baseball in general’s constant breaking of the trust of baseball fans everywhere for the past two decades make Pete’s crimes seem a little less horrible? And so far noone has given any of those guys a lifelong ban. Say what you want about Pete tarnishing the game and his legacy at least he played clean as far as you or I or anyone knows. In any event, it was much easier for fans and the commish to be sanctimonious and look down on Rose prior to the steroids era. But now? Now he’s  just another dirty player/manager in what is essentially a dirty game.

Golf ball in the corner pocket: Now I don’t want to hear anyone else giving Leif Olson a hard time about his hole in one just because it bounced off another player’s ball and then went in. WHO CARES!?! From that distance it’s pretty much pure luck if it goes in anyway, so what’s wrong with getting lucky on a ricochet?


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